'Werk in Beeld' (Profession in Pictures) is a collaborative art project which aims to visually chart a wide variety of professions and crafts in a creative, familiar and unique fashion.

Why does visualising vocations interest us so much? Because people’s true passion, energy, enthusiasm and ability for and on the job only really become visible ‘in action’, while at work. What could be a lovelier sight than a lasting and sustainable image of such professional flair?

The fitting image
We tailor our artistic snapshots of your profession or craft to suit your preferences. For example by means of commissioned photography or by screen-printing existing photography or other visual memories, thereby creating an engaging new composition.

In search of a fitting farewell present, a visual memory of a happy occasion, or a fresh new look for your office or practice?

Just picture for a moment how charming such a unique and highly personal gift would be, or perhaps even a whole run of prints as (business) presents which beautifully convey the essence of your company, organisation, trade or specialisation. Interested in the possibilities? rob@projectwerkinbeeld.nl or leave your number at our “bel me terug” (call me) service at our contact page.

About the team

Henk van de Laar, artist and the co-owner of screen-printing workshop Kurtface, gives to your order an entirely personal and custom-made touch. There is the option, for instance, to let Henk transform your commissioned photographs into screen-prints by his highly specialised, artisanal technique. Every finished design has Henk van de Laar’s personal touch, and signature. Moreover, there is the possibility to join hands in the workshop itself, if you wish to follow the creative process in person.


Simone Bauhuis is involved with this project as graphic designer and artist. Simone has developed an innovative style and uses it to make every screen-print come out special, pushing the boundaries of the technique to the very limits in the process. After her education in graphic design in Breda and an internship in New York she returned to Nijmegen, where she now contributes to ‘Werk in Beeld’ as a visual advisor, as a photographer and as an artist.


Rob Elbers, volunteer. Rob directs and manages this initiative, having been an experienced and creative manager in the private sector for some time. He welcomes any queries or requests you might have about this project.


Flora van den Berg, juridical labour expert and co-initiator of ‘Professions in Pictures’. She has conducted work-time conversations with a variety of people, from which she concluded that the connection between work itself and the beauty of human beings at work is worth capturing in images – as happened, for example, at the hands of various photographers in the United States in the 1930s. She wants to advocate that professions and art go hand in hand.